1. Execution of duties commissioned by the government
	The Association was commissioned in December 2003 as an agency for housing construction (site development) registration. Since then, it has been performing various administrative tasks relating to the housing industry, such as registration and change of housing construction (site development) operators and filing of their business performance . 2. Improvement of housing related legislation and systems
	The Association proposes changes to irrational legislation and systems related to the housing industry such as housing, land and urban planning, and hosts various events such as 'Meetings and Debates' for the development of the housing industry and to set the right direction for housing policy. 3. Empowerment of members
	The Association places the highest priority on solving difficulties faced by members in the housing industry, and organizes the 'Housing Construction Day' event on each odd-numbered year to commend those who have contributed to the housing industry. It provides help in bringing media publicity to the activities of the Association and the housing industry, as well as various business plans of its members including housing sales launches. 4. Providing information on the housing industry etc.
	The Association helps members with the purchase of land parcels for sale from public institutions. It conducts education and training for the employees and board members of member companies for the betterment of the housing industry. Having signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) for work with Korea Housing Institute as well as national research institutions etc., the Association supports the research and development of various new methods and new technologies, seeking ways to improve systems in areas related to the housing industry. 5. Various publications and community service
	The Association publishes and distributes a housing industry statute book, booklets on its various systems, monthly Housing Journal, Housing Industry Information etc. with a view to accurately informing members of the laws related to the housing industry. It provides free repairs for retirement homes to men of national merit every year to enhance the social function and image of the housing industry. Also, it actively participates in community services helping the less privileged such as flood victims and the disabled.